Who are we?

We are a Civil Association created on July 25, 1960, named "CAMERONE, A.C.", thanks to the will of a group of French and Mexicans under the coordination of General PÉNETTE to keep alive the Duty of Memory regarding this heroic event that was the Battle of Camarón on April 30, 1863.

The purposes of the Association whose duration is indefinite are as follows.


Conservation and maintenance of the Franco-Mexican monument erected by the Association in Camarón de Tejeda, Veracruz, in which rest the remains of the French combatants of the feat of arms of April 30, 1863, and also the ashes of several prominent founding members of the Association.


Maintenance and conservation of the land on which the monument is built.


Maintenance and reconstruction of other monuments of the Foreign Legion located in the Mexican territory.


Search and location of the remains of combatants killed after the Combat of April 30, 1863.


Cult of military memories linked to that time.


Franco-Mexican comparative study of these events, through the
search and exploitation of unpublished historical sources.


Dissemination and publication of the results of all these studies.


Development of Franco-Mexican military friendship, by all means within the Association's scope.


All the other activities that are necessary to develop to fulfill the aforementioned purposes.