Association created in July 1960 thanks to
to the will of a group of French and Mexicans under the coordination of General PÉNETTE to keep alive the "Duty of Memory" regarding this heroic event that was the Battle of CAMARÓN on April 30, 1863.

Our Mission

Our role is to perpetuate the Duty of Memory around the Camarón combat and the presence of the Foreign Legion in Mexico during the second French intervention. We coordinate the efforts between the different actors: governments, military institution and civilians.


Throughout the year we organize multiple events around the battle of Camarón.

The Battle of Camarón

On the night of April 29-30, 1863, a company of the Foreign Regiment, the 3rd. of the first battalion, under the command of Captain DANJOU and second lieutenants VILAIN and MAUDET, receives the mission of protecting the passage of a convoy of ammunition, weapons and also transporting three million francs in gold to the troops that besiege Puebla, through Paso del Macho towards Palo Verde.

Tour Camérone 2025

Circuit in Mexico, "The Route of the Legionnaires".